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How to use our garnish from The Garnisher

3 delicious cocktails – how to use our garnish

Whether you love collecting liquor or passionate about mixing drinks, our cocktail garnishes are sure to add flavor and style to your cocktails.
Moreover, our mailboxes are filled with messages from customers inquiring how they could use our products expressively and innovatively. Therefore, we have decided to create this blog post to address how to use our cocktail garnishes.

Express your creativity with flavors

Currently, The Garnisher has three amazing 100% natural garnishing products; Dried Strawberry, Dried Orange, and Dried Lemon. As an adventurous customer or potential customer, you definitely should try mixing the three drinks listed below:

Personalize your Gin & Tonic with a slice of dried orange

Gin & Tonic recipe from The Garnisher

The perfect Gin and Tonic with a slice of 100% natural Dried Orange: Because you can never go wrong with a Gin and Tonic cocktail, adding a slice of our dried orange creates a recipe for awesomeness.

  1. Prepare your ingredients and preferred glass; ensure the gin has an impressive botanical blend and rich flavor. Also, ensure your tonic water compliments the chosen gin.
  2. Pour some ice into the glass
  3. In a 1:4 ratio, pour in your desired gin, and top off with your tonic water.
  4. Add 2 pieces of dried orange to add amazing smell and great taste and flavor




Add a piece of dried lemon to your refreshing Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour recipe from The Garnisher

This deviously sweet and sour cocktail could be made with bourbon and syrup in place of whiskey and sugar respectively.

  1. Prepare your ingredients and tools; shaker, and a cocktail or coupe glass.
  2. Pour some whiskey (2 parts), bar spoon of sugar (1/2 part), a dash of egg white (1/2 part) into a shaker
  3. Shake with ice and serve chilled into a cocktail or coupe glass
  4. Add 2 pieces of 100% natural dried lemon




Kickstart the summer with an exotic Strawberry Daiquiri and dried strawberries

Strawberry Daiquiri recipe from The Garnisher

As the name implies, this sweet cocktail with a rum base is a classic summertime favorite.

  1. Prepare your ingredients and tools; rum, white sugar, lime juice, ice, shaker, blender and your preferred glass
  2. Pour all ingredients into the blender until the mixture is nice and smooth
  3. Serve chilled
  4. Add a handful of dried strawberries to add sweet taste and great looks.

After trying these drinks out, you would truly recognize the value our 100% natural garnishes offer as they create memorable discussion topics and blissful experiences among your family and friends after an encounter or two.

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