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The Garnisher

A unique insight on how the garnish is made

Flavor and great style is essential when creating a cocktail. The Garnisher provides you with 100% natural dried fruits that can be added to your cocktails to enhance the flavors and uplifts your evening with friends and family. Our products can be used for any occasion and any cocktail that you prefer.
Read on and find out exactly how the garnish is made.


How its made The GarnisherMade with ancient methods

The garnish that you will enjoy has drawn upon ancient methods of preservation and pioneered in creating a unique renewable-energy-powered food drying process which produces the garnish that are free from preservatives, colouring and all additives. The indoor system protects the garnish from negative externalities of sunlight, dust and other harmful elements during the drying process so that aflatoxin formation and contamination, the main hygiene problem of food drying industry are prevented. As a result, the garnish retain their real flavors and high nutritional value for 12 to 18 months.






How its made The GarnisherWe keep it simple!

We add nothing but love. NO added sugar, NO preservatives, NO colorant. The fruits are simply wash and dried in a unique closed hygenic system preventing mold, yeast and aflatoxin away from sunlight and negative externalities.



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